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Engine Control Module (ECM) 20. Micro. Ignition coils; Spark plugs. 15. Micro – – MCase This type of fuse should be replaced by a workshop – contact Polestar Customer Support. – – MCase This type of fuse should be replaced by a workshop – contact Polestar Customer Support. Control module for transmission fluid pump. 30
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Step 3. 40 amp fuse test good but only will receive power once starter relay is energized. Step 4. 0 volts between pin 30 & pin 87 but 12+ volts between pin 30 & chasis ground. UBEC test for control circuit of start relay. Pin 86 has 12+ volts with switch in start position momentarily but drops to about 11 volts. 12+ volts at ECM battery fuse.
Lot's of stuff to check, ECM B should be hot all the time. Check the OPS wiring, wiring from fuse block to ECM (under turbo by firewall). Your look for orange wires (if it's the ECM B fuse). Wiring to lift pump (gray wire). Might be best to pull the bad fuse then use an Ohmmeter to troubleshoot.
Here is the jumper leads I used in the video, for the price they are worth it to do it right, you can buy them here- The voltage at the fuse is measured using a DVM with one lead attached to the negative terminal on the battery and the other attached to the outbound lead of the fuse holder. I get about 2 volts on this wire with everything disconnected (except the ECM connector) and the fuse pulled.
Here's a wiring diagram for an '04 - may be helpful to see what's on the ECM-B1 circuit even though it may be different given you have a '99?: UZJ100 Electric Wiring Diagram (EWD) down load Dome light is a common parasitic drain and does get shut down when you lock the vehicle. Maybe a place to start if you can't find the wiring diagram for a '99.Honda’s answer to this is the ELD (Electrical Load Detector). Since the early ’90s, Honda vehicles have used an electrical load detector (ELD) unit in the under-hood fuse/relay box. This unit reads the amperage load directly from the battery and in-turn sends a varied voltage signal to the PCM which regulates the field signal to the alternator. First thing I did was measure the battery (12.7v) and the alternator via the battery posts (14.2v-14.3v) so that is good. I am hoping/prating its an isolated thing. When I first got my lexus and began to really drive it after much sitting and 16 years of 6,500 miles per year, it threw an engine light. before I can get home to diagnose it, it ...
Nov 12, 2011 · Usually pin 52 and 53 are feed power from the battery on one wire that splits before the two pins at the ECM. You should find a fuse in the battery box for this power source. If you lose power at both these pins at the same time the ECM will never show a fault code. You also have two seperate ground wires on pins 65 and 67.
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